O.Z Bangaz Directs new musical "Man of the House"

O.Z Bangaz is co-composer and Diretor of Storycatchers Theatre's preview of "Man of the House", an original musical play written and performed by youth at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. The story of the musical is based on the personal stories of the youth. The community performance of the play is April 17, 2015.

This performance is a preview of the fully staged production that is scheduled to open in June of 2015.

O.Z Bangaz Composes for CSO and 2014 Lullaby Project.

The Lullaby Project, a program of Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute, was presented in Chicago in partnership with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Institute for Learning, Access and Training, and the Thresholds Mother's Project.

Final Public Performance of Beautifual Beasts, featuring O.Z Bangaz.

Since June. O.Z Bangaz has been featured in  and touring the musical Beautiful Beasts as the Hilarious talking Parrot named Ritz.. Beautiful Beasts was written by teen playwrights from Storycatchers Theatre's community program called Teens Together. In addiiton to starring in the production. O.Z is the Assistant Director to Aimee Stahlberg.

The musical addresses substance abuse and bullying. it is geared toward 6 to 12 year olds, but has content for older audiences as well. It's comparable to "Toy Story".

O.Z Bangaz Nominated for 3 Arts Award


In May of 2014, O.Z Bangaz was nominated for a 3Arts award for Teaching Artistry. O.Z is involved in a number of outreach programs that are geared to helping youth find their voice and express themselves through theatre and music arts. The awardees will be announced in the fall of 2014.


3Arts is a nonprofit organization that advocates for Chicago’s women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities who work in the performing, teaching, and visual arts. By providing cash awards, project funding, residency fellowships, professional development, and promotion, 3Arts helps artists take risks, experiment, and focus on their creative process.


3Arts recognizes that art is essential to the wellbeing and vibrancy of our lives. Art fuels, expands, and deepens our intellectual and emotional capacities while helping us envision and communicate new possibilities and paths. It has the power to bridge gaps between us, help us see the world in which we live from a fresh perspective, and urge us to reflect on what it means to be human—here and now. Behind every work of art that sets this in motion is an artist. 3Arts is dedicated to the artists whose work shapes, shifts, and touches our lives.

O.Z Bangaz Composes for The Lullaby Project 2014

Through a partnership with Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Symphony orchestra. O.Z Bangaz was hired as a composer for the Lullaby project. Out of 6 compositions, O.Z Composed 3. Click the video to take a listen/


Message from O.Z Bangaz

I'm honored that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra considered me for this project. It was a wonderful experience working with their musicians. They are so talented, passionate, and  was very respectful of my music. Because of my experience creating music for musical theatre, I felt like I could succeed at the challenge laid out before me. However, it was still a situation of the Hip Hop guy stepping into the world of classical music without the training. I felt very welcomed by the CSO. The recordings sound good.

The young ladies from Thresholds were a pleasure to work with. They were so excited about creating lullabies for their children and sharing them with everyone. A lullaby seems like a small thing, but having a parent that wrote and recorded a lullaby for me would have been more than words could express. I wish i could say i will know these young ladies when their children turn 20. I wonder how the lullaby will play into their relationships with their children. It's one of those things that seperates the moms, from the mothers.

O.Z Bangaz's Charity Storycatchers Theatre Receives Award from Michelle Obama.

Storycatchers Theatre has been a supported charity of O.Z Bangaz for 10 years. O.Z continues to support Storycatchers Theatre through Teaching Artistry as a playwright, director, actor, composer, and producer.

Storycatchers Theatre receives the 2013 PCAH National Arts and Humanities Youth Award. Click the video above to learn more.

O.Z Goes Global

I attended the Global Mixx 2013 Music Conference. I was blessed to chop it up, and politic with the likes of Jamal Smallz, DJ V- Dub, and Grandmaster Jay. It was a great experience. The knowledge I acquired is priceless. The connections made are promising.

O.Z Bangaz and Grandmaster Jay at Global Mixx 2013 in Chicago, Illinois

Jamal Smallz and O.Z Bangaz at Global Mixx 2013 in Chicago, Illinois

O.Z and Kick Bricks Bang the Hops Fest

O.z Bangaz and his band Kick Brick State of Mind, will be playing for the Hops fest in Wisconsin on Saturday August 24, 2013.

Get more info at:


Hops Fest Logo

Kurtis Blow at Hip Hop Revival in (North Lawndale) Chicago

Kurtis Blow performs at Hip Hip Revival in the North Lawndale community of Chcago.
He did it for free to support movements against the senseless violence that plagues the streets of Chicago. It was a pleasure to open for and watch one of Hip Hop's pioneers, bring magic to the stage for all that watched.

Check out O.Z Bangaz and Kick Bricks at www.ozbangazmusic.com and www.kickbricks.net

O.Z Bangaz Opens for Kurtis Blow

O.Z Bangaz and  Kick Bricks the Band performs Promise for the Hip Hop Revival in  the North Lawndale community of Chicago.They were an opening act for Hip Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow. Check out more music and videos from these artist at www.ozbangazmusic.com and www.kickbricks.net

New Instrumentals and more on Sound Cloud

Click the Logo to listen to new music and instrumentals by O.Z Bangaz!


O.Z invited back to the Gerald Montgomery Morning Show.

O.Z Bangaz was invited back to TCM Radio and the Gerald Montgomery Morning Show on February 7, 2013, to perform poetry. He did two pieces.

The first was entitled "When You Do What You've Done".The second piece was called "Sad Song".Once again the response was great. Gerald Montgomery even asked O.Z to recite a third piece for the road. O.Z did another rendition of "Eat the World".

O.Zs performance was not videotaped this time. However, feel free to look up the archived recording of the show at TCM.com. The first performance O.Z on the Gerald Montgomery Morning Show, took place on October 2012. You can watch or listen by clicking the news link of this site, and scrolling down to the video clip.

Problem Driven Life Episode 1

How Do You Feel?

O.Z Bangaz is featured in a mini drama entitled, "Is That How You Feel?" O.Z plays the character P.D. P.D stands for "Problem Driven". Through following P.D's life and witnessing the different ordeals that he experiences and must find a way to overcome, The House Covenant Church hopes to create a dialogue and find Christ driven solutions to the issues that P.D and so many people struggle to deal with on a daily basis. Check out episode 1 below.

The House Covenant Church worships God through the 5 elements of Hip Hop.


2.Emceing,Spoken Word or song

3.Graffiti/Graphic Art

4. Gaining and sharing knowledge

5. B-Boying/Dancing


Is That How You Feel? Episode. 2 and 3

Is That How You Feel? Episode. 2 and 3

Episodes 2 and 3 are finally here! This week, P.D. struggles with fatherhood and employment.

View episodes 2 and 3 below.

Please let us know what you think about the episodes. Would you like to be apart of the production? Are there issues that you would like to see adressed in the episodes? Do you have solutions for P.D's afflictiions?




O.Z Performs Eat the World as a spoken word piec

O.Z Bangaz Performs "Eat the World" for the Gerald Montgomery Morning show Show.

It's All About Finding Asia


Storycatchers Theatre prepares young people to make thoughtful life decisions through the process of creating, producing, and performing original musical theatre inspiered by personal stories.

Storycatchers is the official charity of O.Z Bangaz. O.Z contributes his skills as a teaching artist in music and theatre to build the confidence of young people and help them find their voice throughout the city of Chicago.

The staged production of "Finding Asia" is the culminating event of Storycatchers Theatre's Fabulous Female program.The Fabulous female program showcases the writings and gives voice to the stories of brave young women serving time at the Illinois Youth Center in Warrenville, Illinois. Often these young ladies are dealing with traumatic issues that no one knows about, not even the closest of their family and friends..

Through the platform that storycatchers has created, the young ladies of the Fabulous Female program are allowed to make audiences laugh, cry, and understand their experiences. It is one of the most powerful experiences you can have with theatre.

This would be a geat experience and show for those involved in Youth Advocacy and Activism, Social Justice, and those that just want to be apart of something real.

SHOW DATES: November 10 and 11, 2012 at 12PM You must RSVP for the show by October 25, 2012. Check out http://www.storycatcherstheatre.org for more info and other productions.


O Z Bangaz Hits Jango Radio Airwaves

O. Z BANGAZ Music is now on "Jango Airplay". This is Kick Brick Music! we Keep It Moving!

Click the picture above to visit O.Z Bangaz on jango!

O.Z Bangaz's charity is Storycatchers Theatre!

Storycatchers Theatre is a non for profit that teaches young people to consider making positive life decisions, through the process of creating original musicals based on their own personal stories. Most of the youth that Storycatchers and O.Z provides services for are incarcerated youth.

O.Z Bangaz has been a proud supporter, partner and resident artist for the last eight years. Both O.Z and Storycatchers are members of the Chicago Community Trust's Arts Infusion Initiative, which is a network of companies and artist that are dedicated to making social change in chicago through youth development, advocacy, and activism.

Click the banner to find out more about this great company and the powerful work they are doing.

Something Worth Listening To

Check out mixes from O.Z Bangaz's official DJ, DJ Freddy B from Chicago..

O.Z Bangaz performed at Chicago west side Music Festival

O.Z Bangaz performed live at the Chicago West Side Music Festival along side such acts as Mad Rhythms and Side Walk Chalk! O.Z performed to an all ages show and was well received.

More Music From O.Z Bangaz

Check out more music from O.Z Bangaz at http://www.reverbnation.com/ozbangaz



Since launching his single "If You Want It" on virdiko.com, O.Zs music has and is being played by DJs all over the world. Germany and London are amongst the growing list.

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