O.Z Bangaz nails movie audition with Excellent Dramatic Interpretation.

O.Z Bangaz auditioned for a movie called Open Windows. The casting diretors were blown away by Ia dramatic Interpretation that O.Z did, where he plays 5 different characters. They recorded it and posted it on Facebook where impressed many viewers from social media. O.Z has been cast in the movie which is scheduled to premire in a year.

In the video O.Z Bangaz is performing a monologue from a play called Lost and Found and Chi Town. It's a dramatic interpretation. The whole thing is about 10 minutes long. he portrays about five characters. One of them is a mom strung out on drugs. The monologue shows the travels of a youth trying to find his stepfather. He believes that if he finds his stepfather, his stepfather will save him from the unpleasant circumstances in which he is currently living. It is based on a true story of a youth from 30 years ago.

Watch and enjoy. Let us know what you think. If you would like O.Z to come to your school or church to perform this peace with a discussion segment, or have a film or video project that you'd like to pitch to O.Z; visit the Contact page now.


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