O.Z Bangaz Composes for The Lullaby Project 2014

Through a partnership with Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Symphony orchestra. O.Z Bangaz was hired as a composer for the Lullaby project. Out of 6 compositions, O.Z Composed 3. Click the video to take a listen/


Message from O.Z Bangaz

I'm honored that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra considered me for this project. It was a wonderful experience working with their musicians. They are so talented, passionate, and  was very respectful of my music. Because of my experience creating music for musical theatre, I felt like I could succeed at the challenge laid out before me. However, it was still a situation of the Hip Hop guy stepping into the world of classical music without the training. I felt very welcomed by the CSO. The recordings sound good.

The young ladies from Thresholds were a pleasure to work with. They were so excited about creating lullabies for their children and sharing them with everyone. A lullaby seems like a small thing, but having a parent that wrote and recorded a lullaby for me would have been more than words could express. I wish i could say i will know these young ladies when their children turn 20. I wonder how the lullaby will play into their relationships with their children. It's one of those things that seperates the moms, from the mothers.

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