It's All About Finding Asia


Storycatchers Theatre prepares young people to make thoughtful life decisions through the process of creating, producing, and performing original musical theatre inspiered by personal stories.

Storycatchers is the official charity of O.Z Bangaz. O.Z contributes his skills as a teaching artist in music and theatre to build the confidence of young people and help them find their voice throughout the city of Chicago.

The staged production of "Finding Asia" is the culminating event of Storycatchers Theatre's Fabulous Female program.The Fabulous female program showcases the writings and gives voice to the stories of brave young women serving time at the Illinois Youth Center in Warrenville, Illinois. Often these young ladies are dealing with traumatic issues that no one knows about, not even the closest of their family and friends..

Through the platform that storycatchers has created, the young ladies of the Fabulous Female program are allowed to make audiences laugh, cry, and understand their experiences. It is one of the most powerful experiences you can have with theatre.

This would be a geat experience and show for those involved in Youth Advocacy and Activism, Social Justice, and those that just want to be apart of something real.

SHOW DATES: November 10 and 11, 2012 at 12PM You must RSVP for the show by October 25, 2012. Check out for more info and other productions.


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