Holy is the Spirit of Chicago

    O.Z Bangaz got his start in the music business as a drummer. He attended a Baptist church when he was a youth, and got his first professional gig playing drums for that church. Gigging as a drummer for hire is still part of O.Z Bangaz's artistry.

    O.Z was more than thrilled when Jerome Collins (Gospel Recording Artist), asked him to play drums for a set he was doing on the Spirit of Chicago for their annual Gospel Brunch. The music Jerome performed was from his debut project "Second Life". Jerome and O.Z Bangaz have been friends and have collaborated on art projects together for years.

Jerome Collins (center), Ozivell "O.Z Bangaz" Ecford (Right), and the rest of the Jerico Band aboard the Spirit of Chicago Cruise.

O.Z Bangaz playing drums for Jerome Collins.

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