Album Cover
I'm Possible
O.Z Bangaz
Released: Feb 26, 2016
Label: O.Z Bangaz Music
Track Listing
1 Skit 1
2 What's Your Name?
3 No Bones
4 Skit 2
5 I Put That on Me
6 Promise
7 Skit 3
8 Can't Turn Away (Activist Version)
9 Too Hot
10 Can't Turn Away (No news clips)

Liner Notes

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: At this time the EP "I'm Possible" is only available for digital downloads and streaming. TO PURCHASE THE PROJECT VISIT or click the image below.



I'm Possible" is a collection of 3 skits and 6 dynamic and fantastic original Hip Hop songs produced, performed, and primarily composed by Ozivell "O.Z Bangaz" Ecford. The project features composer and guitarist Brian Jablo who composed the song "Can't Turn Away", and vocalist Jerome Collins who is featured on "Too Hot" and Can't Turn Away".

    "I'm Possible" is a declarartion from an artist whose identity and existence challenges tpeople's perception of what is possible, in terms of race, science, physics, genetics, love, culture, and society. The composition and production of this project is masterful. The lyrical content is profound, humorous, passionate, complex, and encouraging. "I'm Possible" reveals the possibilities for us all. Must Listen!

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